Hugh O. Nash, Jr. PE, FIEEE, FASHE
Consulting Electrical Engineer

Selected Publications


Author of over 50 articles and papers on emergency and standby power, computer power, hospital electrical design, telecommunications and fire alarm systems, ground fault protection, electrical safety,  project and quality management, and codes. A complete list of publications is available upon request.


Contributed to the Healthcare Facilities Handbook (NFPA): 1993, 1996, (Gardner); 1999, 2002 (Klein); 2005 (Bielen)


Chairman of the Working Group responsible for publishing the first (1985), second (1995), and third (2007) editions of the IEEE White Book (Recommended Practice for Electric Systems in Health Care Facilities). The third edition co-chaired with Walt Vernon.


Author of the Handbook on Electrical Systems, published by the America Society for Healthcare Engineering of the American Hospital Association, 2004.


Author of AHA Management and Compliance Series Volume VII Hospital Electrical Systems, 1992.


Contributed to the IEEE Gray Book (commercial buildings), Orange Book (Emergency and Standby Power Systems), and Emerald Book (Powering and Grounding Sensitive Electronic Equipment)


V. James McLarney (Editor), Effective Healthcare Facility Management, Co-author of Chapter 1, "Engineering and Maintenance" (with Lipsey, Barrick, and Blount), June, 1991.


“Power System Disturbances and Considerations for Power Conditioning,” IEEE I&CPS Conference and  IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, vol. IA-21, no. 6, pp. 1472-1481, November/December 1985 (with Dr. Francis M. Wells).


“Distributed Generation in Facilities,” presented at the American Society for Healthcare Engineering at the 44th Annual Conference and Technical Exhibition, July, 2007, New Orleans.  Also published in Inside ASHE, Nov/Dec 2007.


"The Truth About Standby Generator Excitation Support Systems," IAS Transaction, Vol. 26, No. 4, July/Aug, 1990.  


"More About Hospital Standby Generator Grounding, GFP, and Currents That Go Bump In The Night," IAS Meeting Conference Record, San Antonio, October, 1995. Published in IEEE/IAS Transaction, Vol. 26, Issue 3, May/June, 1990.

"An Analytical Look at Standby Diesel Engine/Generator Loading," IAS Transaction, Sept/Oct, 1982.

"Power Systems Disturbances and Considerations for Power Conditioning," IAS Transaction, Vol. IA-21, No.26, Nov/Dec, 1985, Dr. Francis M. Wells.

"Ground-Fault Protection and the Problem of Nuisance Tripping of Critical Feeders,” IAS Transaction, Vol. 26, May/June, 1990.  








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