Consulting Electrical Engineer

Hugh Nash has 47 years of experience in the practice of electrical engineering and is licensed to practice in 35 states. He has worked in (a) the paper industry designing controls for automated production and materials handling systems; (b) the electric utility industry designing distribution, transmission, and substation equipment up to 115 KV; (c) the electrical contracting business constructing commercial and industrial facilities and municipal treatment plants; and (d) the consulting engineering business with concentration on standby and emergency power systems, healthcare facilities, and mission critical facilities.



  • Emergency and Standby Power Systems
  • Synchronizing Switchgear for the Parallel Operation of Generators 
  • Demand Response, Peak Shaving, and Cogeneration  
  • Mission Critical Systems for Data and Co-location Facilities 
  • Health Care Facilities, including MEPT Facility Assessments 
  • Coordination, Arc Flash, and Power System Studies
  • Commissioning of Electrical and Standby Power Systems for Health Care and Mission Critical Facilities 
  • Accident Investigations and Forensics 
  • Electrical Safety and Electrical Training Seminars

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